Fully Integrated

Curator Features

Curator offers some remarkable features we know you want and will love!

Create & Manage

Multiple Experiences

Create unlimited events and manage them in one online dashboard, accessible from anywhere. Your entire event from the settings, photos, statistics, guest data, and reporting, all live in your Curator dashboard and are stored in the cloud.


Cross-app Implementation

One app to rule them all! With Curator, photos you take with PixBooth are automatically pushed into your Slide Show app as they are taken. We do all of the work for you on the backend so your event runs smoothly and is easy to setup. No fuss. No square pegs to jam into round holes.

Full Event


From the attract screen to custom capture screens to branded overlays and custom backgrounds, when it comes to fully branding your event, Curator has you covered. Custom emails and sharing language are just a few of the many options we have to brand the experience from start to finish.


Social Sharing

Kids today say that if it's not on SnapChat, it didn't happen. So we have created some of the most robust sharing features while still keeping your photo booth line flowing.

In Depth

Analytics & Reporting

Curator tracks everything your guests do with their photos in any way we can. We slice and dice those statistics like a scientist and present it to you in the most digestible way possible.


Print Options

Rather than force you to use specific equipment or print "our way", we offer many printing options. From Dropbox watch folders to AirPrint to custom printing station apps, we have you covered.

Filters and

Digital Props

Everyone loves photo booths, and props are always a hit. But it can get tiresome and expensive to drag around a suitcase full of fresh new props. That is why Curator digital props are always fresh! And people love our silly face-tracking digital props, especially the animated ones!